Muhammad Ali

you are what you present!

from my point of view, you have to live the dream before trying to achieve it, imagine the reaction before the action, turn the challenge into chance, and don’t forget to add your own value!

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measuring the value is more complicated than you can imagine, as the conditions can’t be generalized for all, even trying to make a fair comparison is very difficult, but for sure not impossible.on the other hand, adding value is not about being new, or unusual, it is more about being worthy, and had the reasons to be compared with others.last, but not least, the more you are searching for answers, the more you are digging deeply into the analytics, but after reaching the end, you’ll discover that you just started!


mostly, you are seeking the peaks, without any guarantees of success, but technically there is no solution that fits for all, hence, you should understand the prior cases, derive the best practices, and last but not least, believe in the real rule “there are no trials without errors”.


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